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Services by Tamira

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Natal Consultation 1.5 hours – we will explore the complete Build of your Persona and the Areas of Life

Baby & Youth Consultation – this is a baby / youth manual that can be utilized by the parent. it is complete with goal setting, strengths and areas of life that will form the purpose of the life of the child

After your Natal Consultation the following astrology sessions are available

Prediction Consultation as an added Service to Natal Consultation – we will explore upcoming external events that could potentially impact your life

Compass Astrology / Horizon Astrology Consultation 2 session/1 hr each – we will explore the chart as a ‘feet on the ground’ experience. This is the opportunity to look at why things in the natal chart appear one way and are experienced in a seemly different way.

Astro Cartography aka AstroMapping 1.5 hours – we will explore different areas of the world where our planetary influences are stronger than others. This is a must do if you are thinking of moving or are living in an area that is not your birth place.

As An Added service to Natal / Prediction / Astro Cartography/ Astro Mapping

Remedial Measure 2 sessions – we will explore remediating difficult areas of your live or transits that you are experiencing. The first session is to determine the best remedial for the area of life you are concerned about and then the second session is a follow up to measure how the remedial is working.

Coaching 2 sessions (1 hour each) The sessions can be used for Astrological Training or Personal goal setting

Personal Astrology Tutoring – includes the following:

… 8 weeks of Personal one on one (1 hour per week) Using your Natal / Local Space – Compass and Prediction Charts