The Inner Circle ... Public Healing Night

Last Monday of the Month.  Join us for a night of Relaxation, Sound Healing and Reiki energy.  

Email to RSVP and for location details.

5 week Beginner Astrology - Explore the basics while using your own chart

Email: for further information or to sign up

This is a combination of Beginning Technical Training and chart work that incorporates homework and fun activities to help you incorporate astrology into your everyday life. 

This class will be held:   on a Go to Meeting space - so you do not have to attend in person

special group in person classes are available

Essential Astrology Level I & II  

The NTS Courses and Workshops are designed to give you all the tools you need in order to become a Certified Astrologer with the NCGR or CAAE

Email: for more information on Prices and Start dates

Astrology Essentials Level I - 10 week Class

Beginners Astronomy

Planets, Signs, Moon’s Nodes, Eclipses

Qualities:  Element/Mode/Polarity

Dignity & Debility

Benefics/Malefics, Planetary Sect,  Mutual Reception

Orbits, Cycles, Retrogrades, Great Circles & Co-ordinate Systems

Dispositor Patterns and Aspects

Quadrants and basic House Systems   Angularity, Interception, Orbs

Beginner Chart Interpretation & working with an ephermis

Astrology Essentials Level II - 10 Week Class

Advanced Astronomy

Advanced Planets, Parts, Fixed Stars Major Configurations

Tropical / Sidereal; Decants & Dwads

Planetary Nodes; Asteroids & Dwarfs

Parallels & Contra-parallels, Vertex & Equatorial Ascendant; Antiscia

Relocation; Advanced house Systems

Ingress Charts  & Intermediate Interpretation

Astrology Practicum ... This is a practicum style class - all chart work all the time.

Sun Moon Asc combinations (includes house connections)

Derivative houses

Planets Revisited & planetary combinations including the points (nodes and POF POS)

Beginning Transits / Secondary Progressions / Solar Arcs revisited

Pulling apart the chart - the beginning stages of Chart readings

Advanced classes & Specialized Techniques

Moving the Chart in Time - Solar Arcs; Progressions; Solar Returns

Electional Astrology



Other Astrological Systems

Astrocartography & Local Space by Tamira McGillivray

Rectification by Tamira McGillivray

Math 1 and 2 (Drawing a chart by Hand) by Donna Young

Astrological Goal Setting

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