The Inner Circle ... Public Healing Night

Last Monday of the Month.  Join us for a night of Relaxation, Sound Healing and Reiki energy.  We have gone on-line for this event.  Join us on a Zoom Meeting Space

Email for more info or to RSVP.

5 week Beginner Astrology - Explore the basics while using your own chart

Email: for further information or to sign up

This is a combination of Beginning Technical Training and chart work that incorporates homework and fun activities to help you incorporate astrology into your everyday life. 

This class will be held at Kepler College and is on a Zoom Meeting space - so you do not have to attend in person.  the Next Class will be at the beginning of 2021 so email me to reserve your space.

special group in person classes are available

Essential Astrology Level I & II  

The NTS Courses and Workshops are designed to give you all the tools you need in order to become a Certified Astrologer with the NCGR or CAAE

Email: for more information on Prices and Start dates

Personal Mentor-ship in an Astrology Practicum ... This is a practicum style class - all chart work all the time.

Advanced classes & Specialized Techniques

If you are interested in any of the following Astrological Techniques - Email me to find out when and where the next class with take place

Moving the Chart in Time - Solar Arcs; Progressions; Solar Returns; Electional Astrology; Synastry; Rectification; Astrological Remedial Measures; Astrological Goal Setting

Astrocartography & Local Space

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