Full Astrology Reading … New Client $230.00

Additional Family Chart comparison (Each)                            $50.00

Returning Client including Solar Return   1 hour           $150.00
Monthly Consultation           1 hour                                       $100.00
  • (5 sessions for $450.00 – Prepaid)
Astro Carto*graphy /Local Space TBD this is a personalized workshop type of consultation where we work as a team to achieve the desired results.
Astrological Private Tutoring  1 hour                                  $100.00 (or purchase multiple for a discount)
If you are working to pass a particular Astrological exam or would like to take your astrology knowledge to the next level but do not have time to take a class … this might be for you.

Usui / Karuna / Holy Fire Reiki Classes & Mentoring

  • available inquire via email for more information

Contact Tamira for more information at Astro@Tamira.ca

Tamira McGillivray BA, NCGR Level III, AstroCarto*graphy Certified

  • Tamira currently Teaches classes for CAAE & Kepler College.
  • Working in the Field of Astrology, Meditation and a Teacher of Be-ing Yourself
  • Tamira is trained in both Usui, Karuna Reiki (Master Level), RYT (since 1996) & Holy Fire Reiki (2019 International Reiki Center) Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Practitioner of Sound

Dedicated to connecting ancient wisdom & the modern world through teaching classes, speaking engagements, workshops, one-on-one consultations, and a weekly blog. As a life- long learner and teacher, she opens up new perspectives for herself and others through her work