We are dedicated to bringing Ancient Knowledge into modern ways. 

We don't just read about it ... we are front lines workers here to Transmit and Mediate.  We are Light Workers.

Meet the Team

Tamira McGillivray

Tamira McGillivray

Founder & CEO

Tamira McGillivray BA (Astrological Studies East West), NCGR Level III,

Teacher for CAAE & Kepler College & Professional Astrologer.

Tamira has been dedicated to connecting ancient wisdom & the modern world through teaching classes, speaking engagements, workshops, one-on-one consultations for over 25 years.    As a life- long learner and teacher, she opens up new perspectives for herself and others through her work

Julia MacPherson

Julia MacPherson

Vice President

Julia MacPherson is CAAE Level I & II & is currently working on advanced levels in Astrology.

Julia has recently become a Reiki Master and has started to incorporate Cupping Therapy.


Miranda Avey

Worker Bee

Miranda is the worker bee - behind the scenes always ready to help and joins into all the group activities.  Whenever we make public appearances ... she will be there 🙂