Starter Astrology classes New 5 week beginner astrology class starting in October

5 week class … Learn how to use your chart as an exploration of ‘Self’

This class will be held:   on a Go to Meeting space – so you do not have to attend in person  (please let me know if you want/need to attend in person)

Start:  October 9th

Week 1 –        What is the Astrological Chart & What does/can it tell us?

Week 2 –        The Essential Nature or character of the Planets

Week 3 – 4    Signs … What makes up a Sign and how do we create a union between the Sign and Planet

Polarity/Mode/Element  & Skilled / Unskilled potentials of the Sign/Planet combinations

Week 5          Houses – the muti-dimensional spaces where things take place

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Level 3 – Practicum Starting in October

This is a practicum style class – very little technical with more chart work.

  1. Sun Moon Asc combinations (includes house connections)
  2. Derivative houses
  3. Planets Revisited & planetary combinations including the points (nodes and POF POS)
  4. Beginning Transits / Secondary Progressions / Solar Arcs revisited
  5. Pulling apart the chart – Chart readings

email: for further information or to sign up

Essential Astrology Level I & II are both 10 Week classes with homework and fun activities to help you incorporate astrology into your everyday life. 

The NTS Courses and Workshops are designed to give you all the tools you need in order to become a Certified Astrologer with the NCGR or CAAE

Astrology Essentials Level I – 10 week Class

Beginners Astronomy

Planets, Signs, Moon’s Nodes, Eclipses

Qualities:  Element/Mode/Polarity

Dignity & Debility

Benefics/Malefics, Planetary Sect,  Mutual Reception

Orbits, Cycles, Retrogrades, Great Circles & Co-ordinate Systems

Dispositor Patterns and Aspects

Quadrants and basic House Systems   Angularity, Interception, Orbs

Beginner Chart Interpretation & working with an ephermis

Astrology Essentials Level II – 10 Week Class

Advanced Astronomy

Advanced Planets, Parts, Fixed Stars Major Configurations

Tropical / Sidereal; Decants & Dwads

Planetary Nodes; Asteroids & Dwarfs

Parallels & Contra-parallels, Vertex & Equatorial Ascendant; Antiscia

Relocation; Advanced house Systems

Ingress Charts  & Intermediate Interpretation

Advanced classes

Moving the Chart in Time – Solar Arcs; Progressions; Solar Returns

Electional Astrology



Other Astrological Systems

Specialized Techniques

Local Space



Math 1 and 2 (Drawing a chart by Hand)


Introductory to Vedic/Jyotish